9 Qualities of a Good WordPress Website


A Website is a collection of pages (web pages) and content related to it. A Website is recognized by a common domain name and published on at least one web server (browser). No one aspect of marketing is more important than a standard website, the front door of your organization. A “good” website is not good enough to turn users into busy customers and brand ambassadors. What you need is a good website. Most web run on WordPress. 40% of all websites on the Internet are made on WordPress. Even some of the biggest sites use WordPress for the biggest box retailers.

Why WordPress is Important?

One of the most common misapprehensions about WordPress is that it is just a blogging platform. But WordPress is too much. When WordPress started as a blogging tool, it turned into a powerful website builder and a robust content management system (CMS). The best thing about WordPress is that it is very easy to use and flexible enough to create different kinds of websites. This is the main reason why WordPress is very popular nowadays. Even, according to a recent survey, WordPress powers 40% of all websites on the Internet. WordPress is a software which is free to use. This means you are free to download, install, use, and edit it to suit your needs. You can use WordPress to make a versatile website.

9 Qualities of a Good WordPress Website


As we know “Content is King”. The first thing you need is good content. Content dominates the Internet, and that’s true. Content drives everything on the website. Without great content, you are not giving anyone a reason to visit your website, and very few people will return to your site.

Content is one of the open secrets of a great website. People go to websites for information, and when you block this information because you think you can make money on it or sell your secrets, you run the risk of not getting any traffic at all. Give free information so that it gives people a good reason to return to your site over and over again.


Design is the thing that attracts the most. One of the major keys of any internet site, created on WordPress or not, is design. The design has to do with how it looks and works.

A large number of people leave it to the WordPress theme because of the cost involved in getting a custom website. However, unless you are a designer of some kind, WordPress themes may not be the best choice for your audience. Many things go into a Website design, not only beautiful colors. You also want a secure website for your business.


A good website is worried about traffic. Above all, what good is a website if it simply “blends in” with everything else out there? You can drive traffic to your WordPress Website in different ways, including SEO strategies, social media, and many other marketing tools. It is not always easy to find keywords or key phrases in your niche on the first page of the Browser. More than search engine optimization techniques and strategies, website traffic is driven by social media.

Traffic is surely one of the strong factors that always contributes much to a good WordPress site and it varies from effective marketing strategies.


The speed (responsiveness) is too a big factor. It may depend more on your web hosting and then on you, but you have to look at the speed of your website. If you have a website and it takes you 30 seconds to 40 seconds from the time a link is clicked and the page loads, especially for those who have a fast internet connection. It then diverts traffic from the website. Your website should be secure.

This is specifically valid for the whole mobile movement that is currently underway. Desktops and laptops are more powerful than mobile devices. The internet connection is usually wireless, which means their internet connection is also slow.


Navigation is about the user experience and their experience of your site since they land on your landing page as far as they are trying to reach. This is usually done through the top navigation bar or the bottom left navigation bar, which is full of basic links that enhance the user experience.


Your site reflects your company, products, services, and ultimately your brand. So it is important to be visually attractive, shiny, and professional. Let the random layout with white space, standard images, and graphics be visible, and let your message shine.

Optimized for Mobile

Nowadays there is no excuse, your site should look good and work well on any platform. The growth of mobile and tablet devices is not slowing down and you never know what your next generation will use. Improving mobile will improve both your visitor experience and SEO rankings.

Clear Call to Actions

If your site doesn’t ask visitors anything, they will not do anything. Informational sites even want visitors to read and share articles, follow the company on social media, download toolkits, join mailing lists or learn more about the organization. Include a question on each page.


Visitors to the site are always in a hurry. Don’t force them to work for the information. User experience plays a key role in helping visitors use, understand, and stay on your site. Create clear, logical navigation with clear ratings. Use consistent layout and visual cues for functionality throughout the site. Get your WordPress website developed by the professional team of TekSof, click here to order.

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